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Adding pictures how to

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Adding pictures how to Empty Adding pictures how to

Post by mike on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 5:55 pm

Thought i would post this as a step by step guide

this is the way i do it.

Across the top of the reply box you will see a row of icons
run your curser across until it displays host an image
click that and a box should open saying upload image
click browse
find the picture on your computer
double click the picture
it should then show the url next to browse
click host it
you will then have 3 boxes
thumbnail ignore this
image this is the one you want
image url ignore this one
click the image one it should turn blue
then right click it and select copy
then paste this in your post
at the bottom of the box is upload click this
when the box changes back to the first box you can click the host an image icon again and it will close the box,or you can go through the process again to upload more images
if you want to click preview it will show your post with images
then click send.

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