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dandy designer 2005


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dandy designer 2005  Empty dandy designer 2005

Post by pikeman on Sat 24 Mar 2012, 2:34 pm

hi everybody i am new to site and have been looking for dandy designer.there is one on ebay at the moment says its a 2005 model but looks like legs and chassis is painted white ,is this normal and if so is this when the quality on dandy started to suffer regards brian Very Happy
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Post by Nick on Sat 24 Mar 2012, 2:41 pm

the quality starting slipping on the Dark blue dandy's we have a 2005 Designer and our legs are chrome so you can see what i mean no consistency in build.
The later designers didn't have wheel arch liners so all the rain mud stones just hit the painted wooden wheel arch which is obviously not ideal.
Our previous 94 delta was way better built.
The flooring and interior is much nicer and comfortable on the later models though.

The one ebay is a great buy i like the fact it has stabilising legs on each corner.
We paid £3500 last march for our 2005 designer the only difference being ours has Propex heating and a Riva dandy awning.
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Post by mike on Sat 24 Mar 2012, 4:09 pm

No knowledge as to the quality issue as i have said before mines a bit older,i just wonder if the points that the later model owners are not happy with are in keeping with other manufactures quality of the same period,did we just get so used to the nuts and bolts no frills of the older models.
Its just my thinking that if someone wants a younger model and was put off and in turn bought a Pennine or similar of the same year what quality would they get then,reading the problems some owners have with the canvass variants i would hesitate and go for the later dandy.
I also read that caravans get damp problems at a very early age and some owners are afraid to use the showers for fear of making it worse,so if quality is an issue it would appear to be with most of the later camping units not just dandys.

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