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Fire safety and camping

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Fire safety and camping Empty Fire safety and camping

Post by mike on Sat 07 Apr 2012, 7:14 am

Blame matt for this one,think it may have been a tongue in cheek question from him on another thread but it made me think it wouldn't hurt to have a thread about it,have put it in here because members can add to threads in this section so any thoughts and good advice,i will start it by reposting the fire blanket video.

Three things are needed for most fires we are likley to come across remove one of the three and the fire cant burn

the three things are


Its a few years since i did a fire safety course but at that time and it still works for me a fire extinguishers primary objective was not to put the fire out unless the fire was extremely small, it was a tool to help get you and any one else there to safety,the chances are if you start to fight a fire with a extinguisher it will run out before the fire is out,especially in untrained hands,

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