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new Bearings

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new Bearings Empty new Bearings

Post by Nick on Tue 29 May 2012, 7:44 pm

i have recently degreased and repacked the bearing but they are very slightly noisy although no visible wear and no play.I am sure they will be okay for towing but just to be safe we are getting the bearings replaced.Vicki has a business contact who will supply and replace all the bearings and races properly using a press so hopefully soon we will have silence Very Happy .
The best bit is the cost £0 all in

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new Bearings Empty Re: new Bearings

Post by Caz1960 on Tue 29 May 2012, 11:46 pm

are they easy to get to??

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new Bearings Empty Re: new Bearings

Post by vessey44 on Wed 30 May 2012, 2:30 pm

Not really a DIY change but they are easy to get off if you have access to a press etc. like Nick said...

Bearings races can be fitted with a light tap & a brass punch but its not best practice

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new Bearings Empty Re: new Bearings

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