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Dandy folding camper awning

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Dandy folding camper awning Empty Dandy folding camper awning

Post by mike on Tue 21 Jun 2011, 7:26 pm

The original awning for a dandy can be daunting the first time you try to erect it,lets be honest PVC is not the lightest material in the world.
What can you do to make it easier,well the awning as standard comes in two parts the roof with the walls attached and the front panel that zips and press studs into place.
If your awning is still in this form (alternative choice later) and you are a couple of fairly tall strongish people you can erect it any way you like,if on the other hand you are like me and will never see 20 again there are things you can do to make it easier.First only have the frame at half hight at the front,then lay the awning out flat inside down and roll it from the back to the front so it looks like a roll of carpet,this way you only have a roll of awning to get on the frame easier than having bunches of awning trying to do different things.
The pockets that the veranda pole ends go in are not very deep and and dont always stay on the poles,i use three plastic spring clamps one on each to stop them sliding of,and remove them when finished.
The next step is to unroll the awning in the direction of the dandy and slip the edge under the roof,there should be three press studs that attach the awning to the frame near the dandy,its always said do the centre one first but mine needs the outside ones doing first,so its trial and error on that.
Then if you haven't already put the frame up to full height and fasten the awning to the roof poles inside the dandy using the strings,remove the three spring clamps.
Before you start to peg down fit the front panel and zip it up making sure the zips work after pegging,it gets easier with practice.

The alternative choice i mentioned is to have the side walls removed and zips fitted this does make the job a lot easier you put the roof on as before but dont have the weight of the walls to contend with then zip the walls into place.

These are the clamps i use

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