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musicmans' Album

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musicmans' Album Empty musicmans' Album

Post by Helen on Wed 29 Aug 2012, 6:44 pm

Musicman185 pictures

Dining area

musicmans' Album 102_2318_800x600
Replaced old vinyl floor, spruced up sofas and made the wheel arch more presentable.

Repaired bed vynil

musicmans' Album 102_2317_800x600
Replace foam insert and attached the original vinyl back on with rivets hidden in plastic screw covers. And cleaned bed panel

Broken bed vynil

musicmans' Album 102_2316_800x600
This was all ripped and torn and flapping about

New tiled floor

musicmans' Album 102_2315_800x600
This was all ripped and torn and flapping about

New storage units

musicmans' Album 102_2314_800x600
Built 2 new cupboard units just needs some knobs on the doors

Hole in the wall

musicmans' Album 102_2313_800x600
Not the kind you get cash from, more like you can put cash in it

Tear inside

musicmans' Album 102_2312_800x600
Shows a tear inside the dandy

Kitchen unit

musicmans' Album 102_2311_800x600
The Shambles of a kitchen

Shane and Dianes Dandy 6

musicmans' Album 102_2310_800x600
Dandy 6 1978 orange and white

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