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Tow Itch
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Post by Tow Itch on Fri 28 Dec 2012, 12:10 am

A long while ago I was looking for a public information film. Well it isn't quite a public information film from the sadly departed Central Office of Information (COI) it was made by Gwent Police. I even wrote direct to Gwent Police trying to obtain a copy but after financing the film there were budgetary reasons why the couldn't send copies out, nor could they be bothered posting it to You Tube.
Finally someone has posted the full film.
It's a film to discourage texting while driving. The beginning is quite light hearted and comic. It doesn't end up that way and it might be a bit strong for some people. This forum isn't probably the correct demographic for the film but you might choose to pass it on to someone you know.
Oh the film is called "Cow" because the subjects name is Cassie Cowan.


It appears though Gwent Police can't be arsed posting the film themselves they are using copyright issues to stop others hosting.

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Post by ShaunJUK on Fri 04 Jan 2013, 10:46 pm


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