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Dodgey cups

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Dodgey cups Empty Dodgey cups

Post by Helen on Thu 07 Mar 2013, 11:54 am

We got some new cups about 6 weeks ago from Morrisons, they were nice with a blue glaze on the outside and cream inside, they had a denby look about them. Anyhow, after about a week when brewing up one of the cups went 'pop' and a crack appeared causing the hot liquid to seep out, we thought it was a one off and the cup was thrown away. Since then it's happened to two more of the cups, they were not chipped or damaged in anyway but they made a popping sound and cracked from the rim to the base. The one that did it yesterday was a bad one and you could see daylight through the crack that opened up and the hot liquid didn't seep out but flooded out onto the worktop. John told Morrisons about the cups this morning not to expecting them to refund without a receipt but to warn them about the problem before someone gets scalded and they asked him to take them into the store to show them, we had thrown two away but still had the badly cracked one and 3 others. Result, they gave him his money back for all of the cups including the ones we chucked away and although they thanked him for bringing it to thier attention and agreed they were dangerous they didn't say they would withdraw or recall them yet. I hope and am sure they will but if not be warned that you could seriously burn yourself, they also do them in red and I think green too, possibly other colours but I only know they definitely do red as I was undecided between the red and blue.

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