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Is a 'Caranex' an option?

Owd Lad
Owd Lad

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Is a 'Caranex' an option? Empty Is a 'Caranex' an option?

Post by Owd Lad on Sat 25 May 2013, 7:28 am

Has anyone had any experience of the 'Caranex' tents? We don't tend to use the awning very much, purely because of the weight, and usually make use of a utility tent that's about 2m sq. it gives us enough room as a store for fold up table & chairs, plus the loo. It's even big enough to sit in with the front flap poled and guyed out. It was cheap and cheerful but after several years use it's beginning to get a bit ragged in places. A friend has a Caranex that he used on his VW camper to good effect. He's now parted with the camper but still has the tent. I'm considering whether to make him an offer. It could possibly make a small awning for the Dandy and even be of use for our little motor home. The Caranex website suggests that the height should be enough for door clearance. They are an expensive item when new but second hand brings them into a reasonable price range. Any comments would be welcomed.

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Is a 'Caranex' an option? Empty Re: Is a 'Caranex' an option?

Post by Helen on Sat 25 May 2013, 9:01 am

I think I have one in the garage, it's green ...... erected it once with my friend and once up there was a lot of space ..... the height was good but we never attached it to her car as we were only playing in the garden to see how it all went and attempted to pull the rear tunnel up with the help of her disused garage doors! The tunnel may need a adjustment to make it work but the actual frame work/tent is a good height and there was bags of room inside. I think if you wanted it on your Dandy you may have to adjust it to make it fit but if it's like the one we have and I'm sure it is then you get a tub style groundsheet already fitted. It's been about 3 years since we played in Doris's garden with the one I have so please check properly, perhaps your friend would let you erect it to see. I'd forgotten we have one in the garage lol! We really are going to have to sort out in there!

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