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Damp mattresses?


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Damp mattresses? Empty Damp mattresses?

Post by Endecay on Mon 03 Jun 2013, 10:05 pm

Hi all.

Our 91 Destiny seems to have an issue. The underside of the mattresses seems to get damp very easily. This could be condensation I spose. Underneath them are reflective mat things that the previous owner has used.

Any ideas if this is common or peculiar to us and if the mats are part of the problem. We don't have all round skirts and that might also be a factor.

Tow Itch
Tow Itch
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Damp mattresses? Empty Re: Damp mattresses?

Post by Tow Itch on Mon 03 Jun 2013, 10:33 pm

Welcome back Endecay!
Condensation is the name of the day. A daily turning of mattresses helps as would insulation.
The insulation can be internal; camping foam pads, silvered foam or airbeds being obvious examples.
External insulation; silvered foil again, Kingspan or skirts.
The alloy frame as a perimeter doesn't help and it increases as the outside temperature drops.

Curiously "condensation" also increases if you have more than ten pints to drink!
The Admiral
The Admiral

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Damp mattresses? Empty Re: Damp mattresses?

Post by The Admiral on Mon 03 Jun 2013, 10:41 pm

We've recently put polypropylene carpet underlay under ours and it seems to have dramatically reduced the problem.
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Damp mattresses? Empty Re: Damp mattresses?

Post by mike on Tue 04 Jun 2013, 4:38 am

Its not just dandys its folding campers,trailer tents and some caravans,its the warmth from your body hitting a cold bed board,insulation is the answer we found the thinner camping matts only reduced it now i have a self inflating mattress on top of my bed and it doesn't happen.


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Damp mattresses? Empty Re: Damp mattresses?

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