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Destiny wanted


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Destiny wanted Empty Destiny wanted

Post by family_of_3 on Tue 06 Aug 2013, 10:26 am

Well since our first outing 4 weeks ago we cant get enough of our dandy. As soon as we finish work on a saturday we are off :-) We love it!

BUT we could do with more space so i am now on the look out for a destiny.

There are a few around but many far away or im not too sure. Any advice would be greatly appreshiated,faults to look out for etc. Thanks in advance. Deb Smile
Tow Itch
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Destiny wanted Empty Re: Destiny wanted

Post by Tow Itch on Tue 06 Aug 2013, 12:04 pm

What do you mean you fancy a Destiny. What do I mean saying what do you mean you fancy a Destiny????????
Glad that is clear.
A Destiny can be: The name given to the 6 from 1990 onwards AKA a Lowside Destiny 400Kg ish ex works 750Kg gross weight. The 1993(?) onwards model with higher sides (Highside Destiny) a fridge and sometimes 4 burner stoves 530Kg ex works 750Kg gross. Some transition models (Less than 10 we think) that were longer and had a toilet but still the threepenny bit front and back. Then the last Destiny the Riva Destiny with glassfibre front and rear. 780Kg ex works and 1,000Kg gross. Do we also include the 6 berth Dimension? [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

It all depends what you want. Just a little extra space, the fridge and increased storage space (but less weight available for loading) on the Highside Destiny or the loo and the more decorative finish of the Riva model.

None of them will tow as well as the rear entry (o'er missus) models. This is (as I best understand it) because of the ratio of the length of the tow hitch to wheel and the total length. The larger the ratio the more stable the trailer. e.g. Fifth wheel caravans are very stable.
So try and establish how you feel about towing the type of Destiny you think you want. Sorry I can't remember if you have mentioned your towing experience. The higher weights and the increased height of the centre of gravity also interact with this.
I know of one Riva Destiny owner who had a three lane dance across the motorway. I know nothing of how carefully he loaded or not. I do know that he was then permanently sold on a towing stabiliser. We then get into the question of if you believe a stabiliser is a good or bad thing?
I'm not meaning to say anything bad about these more underlining that you can get away with terrible abuse towing the smaller Dandys

The best people to answer this point are the people who tow larger Dandys. I'm trying desperately to think who? Mike tows a 6. Endecay a Highside Destiny. kirstOn a Riva Destiny and peridot likewise. Endecay and kirstOn we don't see as much as we used to but I'm sure Mike and Peridot will comment as will others I have forgot (Sorry) Oh Phoenix has a 6 as well.

If you have a large vehicle (over 2.5 Tonnes gross) and a post 1997 licence you can't tow the Riva Destiny as you will be over 3.5 Tonnes but there is no restriction when towing 750Kg.

Ian has just got a Riva Destiny and Dimension in at the moment no older ones.

Remember the weight and the size when it comes to maneuvering on site. If you look at an early Highside without struts on the bed see how you are at lifting the beds. A good file on fitting gas struts to Highsides on the Yahoo Owners group.

What do you think you want?
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Destiny wanted Empty Re: Destiny wanted

Post by peridot on Tue 06 Aug 2013, 10:00 pm

Tow Itch raises some very pertinent points about towing the larger Dandys. We know a couple of owners have come to grief towing the Riva Destiny. The chap I bought mine from had fitted a stabiliser which he passed onto me with it. He said he had experienced snaking when towing and had bought the stabiliser as a result.

There are discussions on the use of stabilisers in the technical section of the forum and the very valid point has been made that a stabiliser can mask instability and give a false sense of security. What happens if it fails? Like any protective device its function is not to allow an unsafe situation to persist but to help mitigate the worst effects should an unsafe situation arise in exceptional circumstances.

To understand the Destiny better I have towed it a couple of times without the stabiliser fitted and I have learned what a snake feels like. Just a minor one, but I certainly wouldn't want to experience anything worse. I experienced it once well below maximum towing speed when I had to brake reasonably sharply, and again when I pushed the speed just a little above legal towing speed but on a clear straight road without any of the other features generally associated with the initiation of snaking.

Thinking about this I am close to concluding that the Riva Destiny, packed in what I believe is the originally recommended manner, could be considered to be inherently unstable.

I am currently reconsidering the packing arrangements, looking to get more of the weight away from the rear and also a better side-side balance. I don't want to take family_of_3's thread too far off-topic so will start another thread to discuss that.

So it's just to say that going for the larger units do bring into play a whole set of new considerations that don't really apply to the rear-entry types. Weight, weight distribution, nose weight, stabilisers, tow car matching, manoeuvrability, etc.

Nothing too difficult to address once you're prepared for it and the extra space and facilities are wonderful so don't be put off if you know that's what you really want but you might be better at least seeing this year out with the one you have before finally deciding. Have you got an awning with your current unit?

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Destiny wanted Empty Re: Destiny wanted

Post by navver on Tue 06 Aug 2013, 10:35 pm

The normal high side destiny may be a better bet. Loadsa room inside, a nice layout, only 750kg and shorter than the toilet destiny. Should be quite a bit easier to tow, half the price or less and only downside I can see is no inside loo. However, I would love an inside loo. Compromises compromises, life is full of 'em.
Tow Itch
Tow Itch
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Destiny wanted Empty Re: Destiny wanted

Post by Tow Itch on Tue 06 Aug 2013, 11:10 pm

That was in some ways far more downbeat than I had expected.
I had a trailer tent that was approximately 6 sized. It had a total length of 12" or 13" but at that point I had no idea about how to load and the trailer had 8" wheels. Wheel size also plays a part in the dynamics. That would start to snake at a speedometer reading of between 62 and about 70. In reality about 56/57 to 65 or just bellow. The snake was very predictable and would come on earliest on downhill sections. Being low there was no or not much sidewind or passing artic induced weave. In some ways I'm conservative but I will at times push the driving envelope further than some. A snake quickly erodes that and while I did play on the periphery it has a very sobering affect. The feelings is in the marcherlands (Tried to check the spelling of that only to find out it's not a common term for boarder area) between respect and fear. I'd say generally controlled by respect. How towers cope with trailers that go more steeply into snake I don't know. I have towed a small caravan without a stabiliser and it was moderately better than my trailer tent. Does the drag of the caravan act like a constant brake on the trailer much like a trailer doesn't snake going uphill? I might be much more inclined to stabilisers with a trailer that went quickly into snake. Conversely I might just run away.

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Destiny wanted Empty Re: Destiny wanted

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