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Slow cooking when camping

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Slow cooking when camping Empty Slow cooking when camping

Post by Helen on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 10:03 am

I used my slow cooker to cook a joint of beef, it's only a cheap one ( £9.99 from B&M ) and it's small too - 1.5 litre ...... absolutely delicious. I use it when Dandying for stews usually but the other half fancied beef with veg ....... I put a cup of water in the slow cooker along with a small piece of topside, left it on high for around 45 minutes, added a couple of oxo's and gave it a stir then left it on low for the rest of the day ...... around 4 hours, took out the beef and let it stand for 15 minutes before carving ........ used the liquid to make gravy ( in the slow cooker so only one pot to clean) and John got his beef dinner with mash, carrots and peas with gravy ..... we also had yorkshire puddings but they were the ready made ones (not frozen) and I warmed them under the grill turning them once.

A roast dinner with no roasting Twisted Evil 

My slow cooker is going to be put to work more in the future and not just for stew or soup, it was one of the best camping dinners we've had and as good as the beef was the gravy was amazing too. Very Happy 

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