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Yew Tree Farm, Pound Bank, Kidderminster

Sir Henry

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Yew Tree Farm, Pound Bank, Kidderminster Empty Yew Tree Farm, Pound Bank, Kidderminster

Post by Sir Henry Sun 13 Oct 2013, 1:31 pm

Situated just off the A4117 (A456 from the Kidderminster side) at Pound Bank it's a nice if rather spartan site. There's a shop of sorts onsite and a Post Office/?Londis? a short distance up the road. Just be careful about which pitch you take. Although the 'main' road looks like a minor one it gets very busy - and loud - during the commuter run to work in the morning and back home again at the end of the working day. At that point the road goes from 30mph to the National Limit for a few hundred metres and everyone hits the loud pedal just as they go past the site! Bikers are by far the worst culprits. Although the small field to the right of the entrance is about as level as you could hope for the main field is only as level in a relatively few places around the perimeter.

If you're 'in' to car boot sales there's a good one just a couple of miles further along the road at the dog sanctuary and another in the opposite direction in the village's (football? rugby? leisure centre?) sports field. This one is a standard early(ish) morning start, while the former doesn't really start going until 10:00 am or even later. As you're well into the 'posher' part of the commuter belt the goods on offer can be of a very good quality at stupidly low prices. Last year I got a clean king-sized duvet for £2!

Ps. Dogs and kids are welcome as long as they're kept under control - especially the kids bounce Basketball !

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