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Todays Storm

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Todays Storm Empty Todays Storm

Post by Phoenix on Mon 28 Oct 2013, 8:24 pm

How has everyone fared today with the storm?

We haven't suffered any damage, but a few trees have come down.
An apple tree in a garden not too far away, we will be cutting it up and collecting that next weekend. Very Happy

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Todays Storm Empty Re: Todays Storm

Post by navver on Mon 28 Oct 2013, 9:28 pm

Err, what storm was that. We heard all about it before and I went into Bristol yesterday, specially to tie the boat down well. Went to bed pooing myself wondering what the morning would bring. Nothing. There was barely a puff all night. We are about 12 miles north west of Bristol and although we were in the middle of the big orange bit on the weather forecast, I think the storm went South of us.

Having seen the double decker bus on its side, it must have been awful for anyone out in their caravan, camper or tent though.

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Todays Storm Empty Re: Todays Storm

Post by Caz1960 on Tue 29 Oct 2013, 1:05 am

just had our usual quota of rain flower 
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Todays Storm Empty Re: Todays Storm

Post by fearful wizard on Tue 29 Oct 2013, 8:00 am

Just rain in Lincoln Smile 
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Todays Storm Empty Re: Todays Storm

Post by Helen on Tue 29 Oct 2013, 6:21 pm

We had it easy too, just some bursts of heavy rain and it was a bit windy. What a Face 

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Todays Storm Empty Re: Todays Storm

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