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The Sad Demise Of Outdoor World

Tow Itch
Tow Itch
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The Sad Demise Of Outdoor World Empty The Sad Demise Of Outdoor World

Post by Tow Itch on Wed 29 Jan 2014, 6:54 pm

Anytime I went through Warrington I'd try to go and have a mooch In Outdoor World. It wasn't the cheapest of camping stores but I'd always had good customer services there. Infact I bought a Vango tent from there Jan 1995 0r 96 used it the following week and holed it but as well as the hole there was a fault with the tent. Took the tent back and was honest about the hole but complained about the edge stitching unravelling itself. "No it shouldn't be like that" was the reply followed shortly by "you OK with a new tent". I was over the moon and have always been happy to spend since.
Late 2012 and I spotted that the shop was closed.
Fortunately found out that they were still trading online and you could still pick up from their warehouse in Warrington. I spoke to there owner who explained that so much of their business was now through the interweb and they couldn't justify the shop with such delights as business rates.
Alas I know not if there were other issues but upon trying to look them up yesterday I had problems accessing their website then found out that they have not been trading for months.

A sad loss of an independent store with knowledgeable staff and fair minded owners. Go outdoors or Decathlon isn't quite the same.

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The Sad Demise Of Outdoor World Empty Re: The Sad Demise Of Outdoor World

Post by jake001 on Thu 30 Jan 2014, 12:04 pm

I didn't realise that they had gone, it was a sad loss when the Winwick Road shop closed. I always enjoyed going for a wander round when in the area (the other side of town from me) and almost always came away with something "useful". I remember going with the intention of buying a couple of spare guy ropes and coming away with a large tent  What a Face
I went to their warehouse in September to get some new connecting springs for my awning frame after my little accident when the awning ended up on top of the Dandy at the Rhos meet. (find those in Go!)

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