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Bed modification


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Bed modification Empty Bed modification

Post by Hbentley on Mon 07 Apr 2014, 5:14 pm

Hi all. We have just become proud owners of our very first Dandy Designer. So this is a 5 berth camper and we are currently a family of 3. Being that my husband and I are long of limb and like our space I was wondering if anyone had modified one of the beds(the one next to the table/5th berth) to enable you to sleep head at one end and feet pointing towards the other bed?
My husband and I are pretty handy and are sure we can create a frame to accommodate the other cushions to make a substantially larger bed. We were thinking of using a mattress topper to soften the hard trailer edge that runs along the side of the bed. So has anyone else done this or contemplated it? We obviously wanted something easy to put up and take down, light weight and stowble.
While we are on the subject of modifications.... While we were looking at folding campers we noticed that some had zipable sleeping pods/mosquito nets. We have a very active 2 year old and were hoping to make/buy something to secure him in (not a straitjacket!) he's just about outgrown his hamster ball (pop up cot) Any suggestions? Husband has a little re-wiring to do and is replacing some of the bungies(?) but we would like to have it all ready to go by the end of May.
Looking forward to your replies... Bed modification 2607158912 time to cook dinner then! X

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Bed modification Empty Re: Bed modification

Post by navver on Mon 07 Apr 2014, 8:31 pm

Hi, interesting proposal. We just use a bed each to solve the problem.

There was a designer on ebay a while back which had the two seats raised up. Whatever you use must be removable to retain the fold height of 12 inches. I guess you're looking at a height increase of about 6" so two boxes perhaps with a drawer in may be useful. These two would stack on the floor for folding and be retained in place during the day. You may need to lengthen the table leg to suit the increased seat height, but this would be an improvement as the two seats are too low anyway. The table could be retained to form the middle.
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Tow Itch
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Bed modification Empty Re: Bed modification

Post by Tow Itch on Mon 07 Apr 2014, 11:05 pm

I think somebody was ruminating on this with a 6. Where the beds are shorter but 2" wider and they then join another 4' wide bed to allow 8' in length.
The 46" bed when joined to the width of the seats is still less than the bed length, so some other alteration would be required.
The later Dandys hinge differently so there is no hard ridge.
There was a Dandy sold a year or so ago where the LHS bed was 2" or 4" wider than normal that might have helped no end.
My own first thoughts are for something like a Discovery with an additional piece of ply that was clipped and hinged like a caravan table to allow the Discovery seat and back pad to become the top 30" of the bed. I might not even use legs but produce a riser at the edge of the Discovery seat and allow the top 6" or so to cantilever into the central section of the Dandy.

I realise this is not easy reading and may be hard to visualise but if you are interested and want to discuss I'll doodle some sketches.

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Bed modification Empty Re: Bed modification

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