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Dont buy a Dacia Duster with out reading this

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Dont buy a Dacia Duster with out reading this Empty Dont buy a Dacia Duster with out reading this

Post by mike on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 6:39 am

I  nearly did and so pleased i didnt,maybe no one on here would but it does look like the ideal vehical for dandy towing,its the only one in the range at the moment not made in Europe its made in India.I bought the stepway and have had it for nearly three months and very pleased with it.
The duster is another story though,they are proving reliable and a good vehicle on the whole but the Indian factory is having quality control problems with the paint initially white and a lot of duster owners are reporting surface and seam edge rust problems
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Shame really because it does appear to be a very competent motor and ime sure Renault will solve it.

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