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Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ?


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Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ? Empty Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ?

Post by londonfoy73 on Mon 30 Jun 2014, 5:58 pm

Hello, I've noticed that the ply on both beds is past it's best...well it has done 30 years... how can I replace or repair this. I can't see an easy way to remove it from the metal struts, surely I can just buy a sheet of marine grade play and replace the old with new.... but just can't work out how.... anyone done this, or is there another method?


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Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ? Empty Re: Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ?

Post by navver on Mon 30 Jun 2014, 10:12 pm

Most bits on a dandy are held on by pop rivets.
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Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ? Empty Re: Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ?

Post by Phoenix on Tue 01 Jul 2014, 10:08 pm

Hello and  Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ? 936075699 londonfoy73

We see you have been a member for a while now, nice to hear from you.

Firstly what Dandy do you have?

Is it the bed bases or the bed ends you want to replace?

We have replaced both bed ends and one bed base on our 6 Dylan and as Navver said it is just a case of drilling out the rivets putting in or on a new piece of ply and re-riveting. When we replaced the bed base we cut the ply square and by doing so had to put new metal straps on underneath as we had squared the bed base up and they where 1/2" short. This is a typical Dandy quirk if you do bits to them you will find out.  Rolling Eyes 

If yours like Phoenix our 4 berth you may have wooden framed bed bases which will need a different approach.

Here is a link to what we did, must admit it took a while to find.

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Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ? Empty Re: Repair / Replace bed wood = HOW ?

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