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Putting th sun canopy up single handed


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Putting th sun canopy up single handed Empty Putting th sun canopy up single handed

Post by navver on Sun 14 Sep 2014, 8:22 pm

I managed to erect and take down the sun canopy single handed last week.

Sort the poles into where they will be used and lay out on the ground.
Hook the 3 rafters over the dandy wall but don't insert in the inside saddles. Mine are not spring jointed to the other section but probably were meant to be.
Insert a peg approximately where the front left hand side guy rope will go.
Tie a guy line to the 4way cross piece
Assemble the left leg to the 4way cross piece & the front rafter pole then slot to the rafter already hooked to the dandy.
Put the guy line over the peg and tighten to hold this in position.
Then simply start building the frame from this stable base. I used the front centre support leg.
Having got the frame assembled the canopy was folded from back to front and from outside to centre with a guy line in each hole.
Place the canopy on the frame in the front centre and unroll to the right and peg the guyline.
Unfold to the left and peg the guy line.
Slip the front through the little short extension pieces etc,
Unroll back towards the dandy pegging each guy as you come to it.
Then all as normal.

I initially started with the frame low at the front to make it easier.

To take down
Fold from back to the first guy line.
Remove the guy and fold halfway to the next guy
Then to the guy
Continue until it is at the front of the frame. Then fold in from right side to centre then again
Then fold left to centre and again then over.
Each fold needs to be pressed quite firmly then it will stay in place.

Dismantling the frame was just a reverse of erecting it using the guyline from the left leg.

I think an awning should also be possible this way.

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