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Car Boot, Need Help


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Car Boot, Need Help Empty Car Boot, Need Help

Post by greycamper on Fri 20 Mar 2015, 6:44 pm

I have always wanted to do a tour of all the best big car boots etc in Britain, like they do on Bargain Hunt etc.

Now I have just bought my Dandy, this could be possible now, spend overnight or whatever and then onto next one, if possible, or go home and wait for next one.

As all you Dandy people live in different parts of the country, perhaps you could let me know if there is one near you.

Anyone else interested? Car Boot, Need Help 184121345



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Car Boot, Need Help Empty Re: Car Boot, Need Help

Post by Ellaxx on Sun 22 Mar 2015, 9:31 am

Melton Mowbray have quite a big one in the cattle market on sundays... and also have a great market there and in the town on a Tuesday...

Quorn have one on a sunday too
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Car Boot, Need Help Empty Re: Car Boot, Need Help

Post by Phoenix on Thu 26 Mar 2015, 7:15 pm

There is a large one at Kessingland, near Lowestoft in Suffolk and another at Banham in Norfolk.
Both are sited next to wildlife parks so if you get bored shopping you can go and see the animals instead. Smile

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Car Boot, Need Help Empty Re: Car Boot, Need Help

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