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2007 Dandy Destiny For Sale


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2007 Dandy Destiny For Sale Empty 2007 Dandy Destiny For Sale

Post by shanik on Sun 12 Jul 2015, 3:45 pm

Just been serviced by Ian at Riva,

This is a lovely Trailer Tent unfortunately after buying it and using it twice I have found out that it isn't for me, I have austio something in my back and found that I had difficulties.

Never mind, these thing are sent to try us lol,

However someone will get a bargain, after buying this Dandy we have spent quite a few quid on it and are now asking for offers in the region of £5250.00.

The two small breaks that we did have were lovely, loads of room and ample storage space.

I have put it on Ebay but I will be taking it off because for some reason it wouldn.t allow me to put my asking price for it, I could only put £5000.00 and it will charge me £252.00 for advertising, It has only been on about an hour so I will be taking it off soon.
Thanks for reading and if anyone is interested and it is allowed please email me or msg on here.


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