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New Dandy Discovery


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New Dandy Discovery Empty New Dandy Discovery

Post by Maxholz1113 on Mon 14 Mar 2016, 11:09 am

Yesterday we picked up the Dandy Discovery that I won on ebay for £800. It looked a bit shabby on the outside, so I was a bit worried at first, but the inside is perfect, and I was thrilled to find it has insulated side walls. I've called it Dora.
Annoyingly, I can't open it up on the drive until the old canvas trailer tent goes (it sold last night on ebay but winning bidder claims his child made the bid in error. Grrrr...).

I am hoping you Dandy experts can advise me on a few matters please.
Firstly, it tows very much nose up. If we go over a speed bump, we will definitely hit the spare wheel.
My dad says you can buy drop plates, but I wonder if I should have something done to the suspension first. What do I do? And is it the sort of thing you get done at a caravan workshop (there's one down the road), or a trailer place?

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The cover is very yellowed on top. Will this scrub off? Is Riva leisure the only place to get them from? Although it looks quite undesirable to thieves currently, so not too bothered.
The pull out legs have been painted in white paint that is all peeling off. Husband says he is going to peel it off and repaint with hammerite.

I am thinking of going to the Dandy Owner in Kendal in April, as it is only 30 mins away. Is anyone else?


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New Dandy Discovery Empty Re: New Dandy Discovery

Post by navver on Mon 14 Mar 2016, 2:33 pm

Here's some useful info on suspension change:

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Helen's thread [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Nicks thread [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A drop plate is an option but you need to be careful with the law. As I understand it, since 1998 you can only use a drop plate on a private vehicle if it is type tested. Not many manufacturers will go to the expense of type testing a drop plate for relatively few sales. This will be checked at MOT time each year.

Have a look at the suspension and in particular, check the clearance between the top of the wheel and the inside of the wheel arch. If it's very close you may be best off replacing the suspension. Not sure where you'll get them done. it is likely you can do it yourself as they should unbolt.

The legs can be painted with hammerite. I think you need special primer as the legs were galvanised. It says in the instructions on the hammerite tin or on their website. I did mine and they came up like new. I gave them a good wire brushing then emery.

The cover may clean up with CIF crème cleaner. put some on a damp cloth and rub it well then wipe off with a damp cloth. This will work on all the PVC on the dandy as well.

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