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Questions And Answers, Honesty Lies. Yes, No You Can't But You Can If ............

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Questions And Answers, Honesty Lies. Yes, No You Can't But You Can If ............    Empty Questions And Answers, Honesty Lies. Yes, No You Can't But You Can If ............

Post by Tow Itch Wed 28 Dec 2016, 3:41 am

Right so whilst this is not meant as an homage to Mr James Percy And his popular beat combo of the 1970's. I've ripped his lyrics off so I might as well provide a link.

So: A long long time ago
I can still remember how that music used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance I......../
No no I've already done one set of song lyrics.

A long time ago I wanted to put a dishwasher in my kitchen. Now while my kitchen isn't desperately small I do have a limited amount of space where I can plumb in the the items requiring an inflow and outflow of water.
My somewhat dysfunctional mind thought about driers being fitted on top of the washing machine. Then why can't I sub a dishwasher for a tumble dryer?
OK dishwashers are somewhat heavier, then I started to think of other reasons why not. The best or worst problem I could think of related to dishwashers having a front fold down opening. If you collapsed or fell upon the door you could end up wearing a dish washer full of knives or similar sharp implements upon your head. or just crush yourself with the dishwasher.
All my phone calls to anyone who manufactures dishwashers were remarkably short: "you want to do what! click Me No I'm not asking you to endorse what I'm doing. Just talk me through things I might have not thought of. Them click
I was just so pissed that if the proposition was so dangerous why would no one would talk me through what I might not of thought of.
Since at least 2010 if not earlier I've had a dishwasher above my washing machine. It's possible ability to fall forwards has been constrained by two security chains rawlboalted to the wall.
No issues yet.

So desperately upset at people who won't at least explain why I'm a knob. I go down to the pub and it's full of people only too willing to explain to me the essence of my knobishness.

Fast forward to this year (November ish) and I was doing a missive on the costs of heating for a friend who lives in a flat where there is no mains gas. Some interesting ideas but I'll bore you with that another day.
What occurred part way through this was that someone from a company had a full and frank conversation with me about refillable gas cylinders and their use saying yes we have no problem with you using this for X and Y but NOT Z, also we'd like you to do A and B.
"Oh wonderful would you please send me an email to confirm that because I contribute to a camping forum and I think your information might be of use?"
They needed to check with their technical section. I called them back they checked again. They are quite happy discussing this with me but don't want to commit to print. Hence why this paragraph is so vague.
Nothing to do with the cheap eBay devices for refilling Calor Gas cylinders, this is about using proper refillable cylinders but in circumstances people might not have thought of.
I do have a related email that I need to send to UKLPG to ask one of the questions another way around and I'll see if that takes us somewhere else.
If you are thinking of buying a refillable cylinder PM me and Ill tell you more.

So what was more infuriating the people who wouldn't speak to me or those who would but who wouldn't be quoted?

Irony Strikes

I came onto this site to write this piece on the evening of Monday 26th Dec. As I logged on I found a month or so old PM from someone asking about an issue which I'm happy to help them on. However this issue involves people (not from this site) and I don't want to be in a position where I can be quoted.
Couldn't make this up if I tried.

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