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Length of cord.


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Length of cord. Empty Length of cord.

Post by dutchy on Mon 10 Apr 2017, 4:37 pm

I have a Dandy designer I have been told that the length of cord which is clipped on the bed board when first opening the side up is important to help with the raising of the roof.I have had a problem in this area as the struts often collapse resulting the roof collapsing.When I with somebody this is not a problem as they hold up the struts until I have put the side wall up.As I intend to go on my own I need to solve this problem. Any ideas.

Tow Itch
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Length of cord. Empty Re: Length of cord.

Post by Tow Itch on Wed 12 Apr 2017, 10:56 pm

Watch erection video. No not that sort of erection video Mr Smutt at the back.

N.B. Personally I leave the strings a couple of inches longer than in this video. This makes the angle from the outside of the bed to the top of the U shaped strut more obtuse (open) but not so open it gets in the way of pulling up the front and back walls.

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