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dart or delta


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dart or delta Empty dart or delta

Post by ferretless on Sat 18 Nov 2017, 11:18 pm

hi, looking to buy a dart or delta, to be towed
by a morris traveller,
cash burning hole in my pocket,
live in west Sussex, but will travel for a good one
Tow Itch
Tow Itch
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dart or delta Empty Re: dart or delta

Post by Tow Itch on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 10:51 am

Morris Traveller, very nice. Love some pictures.
Question time:
Why Dart or Delta even a low powered vehicle like a Minor/Traveller can easily do the larger Designer/Discovery.
Out of the Dart or Delta options I'd go for the Delta. Only 10" wider but a lot more spacious inside.
Is it a modern(ish) Dandy you are looking at or a partner for your Traveller? I'm thinking of a well known event in West Sussex for pre 68 vehicles held every September. Pre 68 would be hard to find but there are serviceable mid 70's MK2 Dandies that would need an expert to notice the difference.
If you have worked on your Traveller yourself then any issues with a Dandy will be easy to solve.
Have you looked at a few to get your eye in on what is good or not?

Best of luck with your hunt.

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