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weights of Dimension and destiny


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weights of Dimension and destiny Empty weights of Dimension and destiny

Post by Garrard32 on Sun 18 Nov 2018, 4:16 pm

At the moment we have a designer 2008 we love it but now boys are getting bigger we need more space.
Really confused with the weights as a pre 2004 dry weight is 530kg and max weight is 750kg where the dimension which is roughly the same size is 750kg dry weight 1000kg max weight, I totally understand the toilet destiny its longer with a loo but still weighs 250kg more for a 48cm longer body and a loo. Sorry this may seem a bit daft but we have a Honda jazz 1.4 and don't want to change the car, I know legally we have no issues with the weights but we do camp all over the place, so don't want to be stressing that I am killing the car. All in all would like a dimension rather than and older destiny but can't get the weights.

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weights of Dimension and destiny Empty Re: weights of Dimension and destiny

Post by navver on Fri 14 Dec 2018, 10:54 pm

This link gives the manufacturers claimed weights etc

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The earlier destiny had aluminium bed frames which were lighter than the later dark blue destinies with steel frames. Certainly MDF kitchen units from 1995 were heavier than thin plywood. Insulated side walls were heavier than the non insulated sidewalls of the early models.

Early unladen weights probably didn't include gas bottles, batteries, mains leads. Later weights may have but I'm not sure on this.

So maybe reasons for the discrepancies.

Also it is felt there was some doubt as to whether the earlier ones were as light as claimed. Weights were not so important in the early days.

The max weight figures comes from the weight rating of the suspension units.

There have been reports of the toilet destinies being prone to snaking and this is possibly due to the extra length.

When using a weight for towing purposes you should use the max weight when loaded. Luckily these are more reliable.

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