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Back after a long break on the dark side


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Back after a long break on the dark side Empty Back after a long break on the dark side

Post by Krist0n on Sat 23 Feb 2019, 11:18 am

Hello Dandyers.
As some might remember, I regrettably sold out 2006 destiny about 4 years ago.
We did, and still have entered the dark side, and bought a very large tin box on wheels. 4 kids and a dog...it had to be done.
Anyway, we keep our caravan on site in a lovely place called Edern, in Pwllheli. It stays there as we don't have the right car to tow it.
Although we love it there, and visit often, we have found we are missing the camping/glamping side of it and want to get another Dandy. The eldest son no longer comes away with us, and the 2nd eldest... I think this will be his last year, as he leaves school this year.
So, we are looking at buying an older smaller dandy. Possibly a bit of a doer upper. Not got many £££ so probably a doer upper, as long as the chassis and running gear is OK.
Not much about at the moment but here's hoping. Fingers crossed.
Happy dandying people.

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