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The way the forum works

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The way the forum works Empty The way the forum works

Post by mike Sun 17 Jul 2011, 2:39 pm

First i would like to say hello,if you are considering making your first post then you have probably been reading the forum,we are striving to keep it simple,clean and easy to use but you as a new member may see things that could be clearer,if you do please speak up and we will look into it and if it can be improved it will be.

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The way the forum works Empty Hi I am a newbie.

Post by abc5575 Wed 13 Jun 2012, 5:36 pm

Hi all. We have just bought a 1990 Designer, which needs quite a bit of work, which O/H can do,
however, we are missing the front box, and table, so will be looking for these.
Also could do with some of the buttons for the elastic replaced.
Any suggestions as to where I could get any or all of the bits.
This will be our 5 Dandy, we are hoping to fit gas struts in a few months time. The way the forum works 143088812 Thankyou.

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