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Northey lodge Peterborough

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Northey lodge Peterborough Empty Northey lodge Peterborough

Post by mike on Sat 31 Dec 2011, 6:19 pm

Been putting this off as although i had a great time and the site (well the grassy areas we where not allowed to use due to the wet)looked good, the fact we where on hard standing spoilt the site for me,the guy in charge didn't help,he was pleasant enough even offering spare hook up leads,there was just something about him i couldn't take too,i think it may have been Kevin that said he had his own agenda and that was it.To give you an idea we had a small section of hard standing marked by cones for us, as the dandys arrived i moved a couple of cones to allow our cars to drive straight in,the warden came over to talk to cazz,wayne and myself and on his way back he moved the cones so the cars couldn't drive in WHY !! there is a small wind farm close by so you could hear the turbines,one good aspect was there where a lot of bays made from large conifers this tended to break the wind up most of the time.
Showers and toilets where adequate but not any where near enough if the site was full,at the right time of year sited on the grass at the back of the site may have changed my feelings but all in all i would say no reason to not go there but no reason to go.
It would be nice if someone else felt they could add to this

Will add pictures later

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Northey lodge Peterborough Empty Re: Northey lodge Peterborough

Post by Tow Itch on Mon 02 Jan 2012, 2:34 pm

If I stated that the guy in charge had is own agenda then it was a piece of poor phrasing.
I think of having ones own agenda as in terms of developing a situation to ones own desires.
This was more a communication issue with the guy seeming to have already scripted a reply before he found out the details of your request or problem. I've seen incompetent people in authority do this but our contact appeared to be in a position of constant stress and fear from the owner, with whom I only spoke the once. Just a very strange dynamic. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall with all the staff in attendance. I believe at that point the cast would have only lacked Sybil insofar as it could have been a re run of Fawlty Towers. It would have lacked Sybil as the owners wife had "Done One" earlier in the year apparently adding to the control freak nature of the owner and the stress of the owners right hand man.

The site itself was pleasant enough. Though I went home on Christmas Day returned late Boxing Day and had a couple of shopping outings into Peterborough, so not actually gaining any benefit from the location and surrounding attractions.
If at another time of year where: The camp was more occupied so we could witness the efficacy of the management(?) We had enjoyed local features. Mike had taken benefit of the angling. Our thoughts could have been so positive.
All in all agree with Mike no reason not to go but no reason to go.

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Northey lodge Peterborough Empty Re: Northey lodge Peterborough

Post by Cazz on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 7:54 pm

We found the site to be really good, the facilities were clean, although not very big or many, we wouldn't like to be there at busy times without our own facilities.

The warden has already been mentioned, I can add no more about about him.

Most days it was very windy, but due to tall conifers lining the pitches, we were kept very sheltered and barely felt it.

We personally liked the hard standing we were put on, it was nice not to have the dog and us treading mud back in every time he asked to go outside, but if we had put the awning up it would probably be a different story.

I guess we found it really nice, due to the fact we normally camp on bumpy fields, in 6" high grass, on slopes, on show grounds etc. We also had electric, which is a nice treat for us.
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Northey lodge Peterborough Empty Re: Northey lodge Peterborough

Post by Helen on Thu 05 Jan 2012, 8:26 am

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Northey lodge Peterborough Empty Re: Northey lodge Peterborough

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