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Our Promise to Members please read

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Our Promise to Members please read Empty Our Promise to Members please read

Post by Helen Thu 19 Jan 2012, 8:07 am

The dandy campers forum has been started by a group of dandy owning enthusiasts to bring a variation on what is already available for past,present and future dandy owners.

We hope to provide a base for mainly dandy owners to meet on-line and exchange views and information,none dandy owners are welcome but only if there interest is in dandys or they camp with family or friends who are dandy people,we are not in any way connected to any other group,club,or forum we seek to bring a fresh approach to dandying.

We have an admin team of five people all with equal authority so if any thing posted is considered contentious by one admin member it may be temporarily removed until a majority decision is made when it will either be returned back to the forum or a pm will be sent to the author informing of the decision made.(this of course excludes abusive type posts - these will be permanently removed by admin)as a member you have the right to put forward meet ideas for other dandy owners,or as is the case with many of us if you tent as well and want to organize a tent only meet (or any mix) between members you have that right,its called freedom of choice.
You will not have meets thrust at you all the time, if you wish to just browse and not contribute that is fine, again we come back to freedom of choice,i would ask though that if you fit in this category would you still please register as it shows the forum hosts we are growing.
Some will want to post to gain or pass on knowledge, seek help or give advice this is one of the main aims of a forum like this and what makes it interesting, so if you are in this category don't be afraid just go for it, we all had to make our first forum post.

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