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Should i stabilise or not

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Should i stabilise or not Empty Should i stabilise or not

Post by mike on Fri 20 Jan 2012, 11:40 am

Before the great resource of information on the web i used to buy magazines to cover my interests,most of them would bring the same topics back at the beginning of each year i always wondered why then i realised my hobby was getting new starters all the time so here i am doing the same thing.

Stabilisers are a difficult question with some stupid replys on occasion, a new camper new to towing will ask the question do i need a stabiliser an old hand with years of experiance will say no not on a low sided folding camper there not as susceptible to side wind, sorry but i dont agree with such a cover all answer,all right a well serviced trailer loaded correctly and driven sensibly shouldnot need a stabiliser but using one to the best of my knowledge never caused an accident whilst not using one could let a incident occur,most snaking problems do happen with caravans but they can happen with any trailer,i had a very small twitch last year towing down a narrow road in Norfolk at 40mph a lorry came the other way forcing me to move closer to the grass verge,the dandy wheel hit a pothole at the side of the road and i had the beginnings of a snake to deal with (it focuses the mind)not realy a problem as i have towed some strange things in my time but if i had a stabiliser on it would not have happened or sorted itself.
Dont let this concern you after all you buy car insurance but dont avoid driving just in case you have an accident and a stabiliser is just like insurance probably 999 drivers out of 1000 will never need it.
Below you will see the two main after market stabilisers,the alko one is expensive but claimed to be the best although the other one is the type i have always used and have faith in two variations are available one for swan neck tow bars and one fore bolt on tow balls.
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Owd Lad
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Should i stabilise or not Empty Stabilised Dandy?

Post by Owd Lad on Fri 20 Jan 2012, 8:30 pm

I can't help but agree with Mike. On first owning a Dandy I was told and believed that there was absolutely no need to use a stabiliser. As such we travelled widely without one. Then we changed from a Designer to a Destiny and continued confidently towing without. (I have related the story previously.) The difference between the two units is that the Destiny has the stable door and can be loaded, internally, when folded. I made the mistake of cramming the available space and pushing much of it rearwards so that other items could be deposited inside the door. The result was a terrifying snake on the motorway which dragged us across two lanes and the hard shoulder. Luckily it was night and the road was quiet. We suffered no damage other than frayed nerves.
After this incident We always did two things. First was to check the nose weight every trip, to ensure we weren't 'rear heavy' and secondly we used a leaf spring stabiliser.
It must be said that having returned to Dandying with another Designer we don't currently use a stabiliser but we are very careful about how we load up.
We had a few years towing a caravan and again always used a stabiliser. The choice in this case was the 'Straightliner' as supplied by SAS. It's the only stabiliser on the market that not only helps to prevent a rig going out of line but also actively tries to drag it back into line. It works by means of a powerful gas strut acting on a 'v' shaped piece of metal. The more the rig tries to move the more pressure is exerted to drag it back into position. It's a superb piece of kit but expensive at over £200. Perhaps that's cheap for peace of mind. The one caveat I would offer, should anyone be tempted to get one for Dandying, is that the Straightliner is heavy and I would question whether it would fit on any Dandy due to the relatively short drawbar when compared to the average caravan.


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