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Condensation  Empty Condensation

Post by Helen on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 8:22 am

Do you get condensation and what tip's can you share................ We get it on the windows and in the awning but nowhere else, and this is only in really cold weather. We have a fully insulated unit and do leave the underfloor heater on overnight if its really cold and although I expected it to make things worse it didn't and actually helps.We have single glazed windows.

We don't get condensation in the front two pvc windows if we have the awning on and we have never had to lift and dry the bed foam mattresses, I do use a memory foam topper and we don't leave a window open. I do use my cushions at night and put them around the edge of my bed so I sort of have a headboard of cushions and I put one large one against the side pvc window of our designer because it seems to be a cold spot.

Mikes roof liner tip is great and we have used this and it really works in the awning.

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