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Camping this BH

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Camping this BH Empty Camping this BH

Post by The Admiral on Sat 24 Aug 2013, 9:31 am

We are away camping with friends at our all time favourite site The Old Oaks in Glastonbury. Came down yesterday to try and avoid the worst of the traffic on the M5 (it was still very slow moving around Bristol).
Our new car towed like a dream and we got up to 46mpg which is well above what the Jazz would have managed.
We did see another Dandy on the way down brown 1980s 4 berth (not sure which one) being towed by a blue ford estate, Mondeo I think. It 'shot' past us at Bristol and must have been doing at least 70 (as we were doing 62 and it left us for dead). It then spent some considerable time in the 3rd lane so I hope it wasn't someone on here, if it was shame on you LOL Very Happy 
Weather forecast not too bad for the next few days (we're here until Tuesday), but the main aim is just to chill out, relax and partake of a few alcoholic beverages.
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Camping this BH Empty Re: Camping this BH

Post by Helen on Sat 24 Aug 2013, 11:05 am

We're away too ....... and it's busy, they even took a fence down to another field yesterday so that's all four fields open and busy. great atmosphere but I'm glad we have the Dandy and the van this weekend ....... the facilities are so busy but we have facilities in the van.Laughing 

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Camping this BH Empty Re: Camping this BH

Post by Caz1960 on Sat 24 Aug 2013, 8:31 pm

Not me I have a Green Mondeo Estate Camping this BH 3462454224 Camping this BH 3462454224 Camping this BH 3462454224 

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Camping this BH Empty Re: Camping this BH

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