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Dandy trailer tent awning and condensation

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Dandy trailer tent awning and condensation Empty Dandy trailer tent awning and condensation

Post by mike on Sun 10 Jul 2011, 5:51 pm

Condensation in the awning is a difficult one,it can be pretty well eliminated by using hard standing but on grass its not easy,people have said breathable ground sheets cause condensation but i would disagree.They dont in my opinion cause it but do nothing to eliminate it,i have tried all ways of stopping it but with no guarantees of success,my answer is a breathable sheet with a tarp under it if i can,this gives a solid sheet that is nice to walk on,i do however use a roof lining in the awning (two asda cheap double bed sheets sewn end to end then cut to length)the condensation still forms on the roof but is no problem.
This is not a problem specific to dandys i had a caravan with awning the roof was acrylic and had condensation on it in the morning,the big difference was i had to let it dry before packing away.
Others will come along with solutions that work for them but i dont think there is one that works in all situations,i have tried no groundsheet and sometimes it worked but others it didn't that's why i opted for the roof lining,ventilation may work but cant really do that without leaving a door unzipped.


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