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Newbie from Durham says HI ! & what a coincidence ?


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Newbie from Durham says HI ! & what a coincidence ? Empty Newbie from Durham says HI ! & what a coincidence ?

Post by gnev on Wed 21 Jan 2015, 11:49 pm

Hallo to you guys from forum newbie - but Dandy greybeard- gnev & duchess.
Well we have a comfortable Dandy 6. We UPGRADED to it when our 4/5 couldnt cope with 2 dogs & 3kids.
We've used it for 25 seasons and I kept telling the duch it was fine with a bit of diy. But I think the bottom of the
door falling off threw it for her! I did get it fixed though!

So she kept showing me online photos of Destinys - to soften me up - and as we were passing near one for sale :
Well you can easily guess. We bought it. We.....ll it was her cash!

I've been reading your forum stuff (for the first time ever) and see that we bought your Ian & Allisons unit (Little and Large).!

You may remember it has the" modified toilet" unit which is rubbish. We are working on bringing it back up to
I read a thread that someone has the plans and measurements. That would be REALLY useful.
Thanks in advance. Putting a short note in Techie section.
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