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Lock your doors

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Lock your doors  Empty Lock your doors

Post by Helen on Fri 10 Feb 2012, 11:11 am

A woman had filled her car with petrol at Longton Hall Road B P garage and went to pay. Being late at night she went to the window to pay the lady cashier. The lady said "come in" and customer replied, "I'ts ok, I have the correct money". "No, come in" the cashier said again. "Don't be alarmed" said the cash......ier "and don't turn around. A man, with his face covered, has just got in to the back of your car, and lay down. Now come in, and look at anything on the shelves, I have called the police and they're on the way". The man was captured, and arrested, turns out he was a convicted rapist from Longton. So, always lock your car at the petrol stations! This happened on Saturday 4th Feb. Pass on to your female friends and family

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